Beauty and the Beast: An all-time classic

We all love to read stories that have the element of fantasy. This reverie makes us dream and feel the wonderful world in our palms. The stories will never decrepit as with the passing day they become close to us in shaping the life. The characters may sound like imagery but are the ones that sometimes resembles to us.

A look at the story

The story of Beauty and the Beast is a classic tale that has been read by people all over the ages. The fantasy tale has been the learning lesson of what love can do. It revolves round a prince and a village girl. The prince has been dominated by the black magic of a witch and turns into a beast with the castle’s fellow servants. The time is now to find that is love has the power to transform the beast into a whole hearted man or love fails to do so?

The script has its drawbacks

Beauty and the Beast is a story that has been transformed into the audio visual media since long back. But this time the film develops into nothing but wastage of 120 hours and 9 minutes. It is among the worst cuts that Bill Condon has made to make the cult. The movie that has made a rise among the movie goers in 1991 does not create the magic that has been the requirement. The whole script has been provided with the dialogues that really do not have the requirement.

The animation part fails to match the line between the shots and the edited part. Another most devastating part is the sound that really needs to be clarified or should have provided with a subtitle. Beast which has been played by Dan Stevens does not serve the voice. It is also with Belle as much of the words get stuck between the lines.

The Characters

The two main characters of the story had been played by Dan Stevens as the beast and Emma Watson as the village girl. However, neither of them did justice to the characters. The close up shots that have been applied to the movie in a larger amount fails to bring out the desire for love. In the whole film the drama that has been the requirement to showcase the strength of love felt very artificial and monotonous.  The time must be curtailed so as to bring the magic’s that have been tried to put into the movie through animation. It is amongst the lousy productions of Walt Disney.

Beauty and the Beast Movie Trailer

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