Get Out: fear the ghost by laughing

What does a comedy horror film actually mean? The answer has been provided by many renowned directors, producers, film critics in different ways. But if it can be looked then it is the fact that came at the fore front that comedy and horror movie are two different types of genre. This time these two genres have been amalgamated to make a new genre.

The brief of the story

Comedy and horror are amongst the genres that every people like to watch. The movies that have been made on this genre make the interest of the people by the twists that have been produced at the finishing part. But in the recent day the ways films are made have amalgamated the genres to make a new genre. Get Out is amongst the films that have been made with the amalgamation of both comedy and horror genre.

The story has been revolved around Chris and his better half Rose. They both reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating. Rose invites Chris for a weekend and they have been to Rose’s house. In the house Rose’s father, mother and his brother did not accept Chris due to his black skin color. But Chris has smelled another matter that is not lively. Do you want to know what that is? The movie is out at your nearest theaters.

A look at the story and the direction

The opening scene of the movie Get Out starts with the image of what a horror film is like. But with the passage of time the film changes but keeping the smell of the ghastly atmosphere with a twist that could have been narrated. Jordan Peele has been known for his comic scripts from the days of Key & Peele. This director has left no stones unturned before making this movie. The most important aspect that the dark comedy script writer-Director also emphasizes on happens to be the racism. The elements that have been included to make a hit film have been incorporated in this movie too. But the foremost aspect is certainly the blending of the two genres. This is really amongst the toughest jobs that the director must learn to do. The effects of the light to create such an atmosphere must be done in a proper way. Many of the shots are taken in such a way that really left no meaning.

The elements of the film

The character of Chris has been made in such a way that the other charcters of the movie starts to hate him due to the skin tone. Chris Washington who plays the role of Daniel Kaluuya has the space to give the best of his performance. But there has been a tragic failure. On the other hand the supporting cast is really done the best to support the main lead.

Get Out Movie Trailer

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