Hidden Figures: The Ultimates

There is a huge chasm between who’s real is and who’s fake. This chasm has led to many discussions with the heavy words that mostly lead to conundrums and nothing else. To know this there are many theories provided with the definition but on the fore there is none. The figures are all hidden.

The untold story

Cinemas lovers from the yesteryears have been highly appreciated those stories that have not covered in the pages of the newspapers and also not featured in the television news channels. These stories belong to the Drama Genre of film division. The most important thing of these movies is that they have been applauded if they are made with the sense. The plots and the scenes must relate to the everyday of the man not a superman. Hidden Figures is amongst the movies of the present time that brings out the unknown names behind the high inventions. This is tribute to the unsung heroes.

The story of the movie revolves around three women. These three women are Afro-American who is working in NASA. Academically they are nothing but brilliant and yet but fate does not support them in their profession. But a day arrive when these women make the headlines by launching astronaut John Glenn played by Glen Powell. This mission has been recorded in the history of operations made by NASA. But how do they do it? On the answer you have to look for the movie.

Can this be termed the director’s film?

This film has not received any bad reviews by audiences and critics. Each and every film is a director’s film. But the main difference in between making a film and marking a film as a director’s film is the way the person behind the camera narrates the story. Theodore Melfi has made the film in a very tactfully way. There script of the film is compact and the beauty is portrayed through the success of the women. This film also salutes the women empowerment in a very clever way. Also the film focuses on the racism and gender discrimination that have been an issue in the present day.

The marvelous work

Melfi has done a great job in casting. In Hidden Figures Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe have done a great job. These three leading ladies of the film have been supported by Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons and many more in a brilliant way. The main aspect of the film is the editing. The selection of shots and afterwards the editing with the special effects are done in a fabulous way. This film is worth a watch.

Hidden Figures Movie Trailer


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