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Chilean director Pablo Larrain, who has built a highly skillful filmography despite being only 40 years old. His 2015 film The Club narrates a very similar story to Spotlight’s which won last year’s Oscar award yet The Club is much more visionary, cinematographic and harsher than Spotlight. In 2016, Larrain transformed his life into a poem-like narrative with innovative soundtracks and cinematographic preferences that destroyed the perception of time, space, and the voice of the communist poet, writer and senator Pablo Neruda, one of Chile’s unforgettable figures in the film “Neruda” . Larrain, in his first English film Jackie, is a director who is visually and fictionally compromising the codes of his arthouse cinemas as he travels through a story that is essentially in the Hollywood template, just as it is in Neruda.

Jackie, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy, wife of John F. Kennedy, 35th president of the United States who was murdered in Dallas on November 22, 1963. The film focuses on Jackie’s mood after the assassination and changes that take place in the white house. The film reveals a neurotic portrait of the most iconic first lady with sad, angry, fragile, disturbing, stressful and alienating influences. We get to see Jackie not as the first lady who is known for her interest in luxury but as a women who is trying to protect her husband’s legacy against all the media. Larrain offers a craftsmanship that successfully reflects Jackie’s turbulent world with the use of perfect scores and fascinating costume design.

Even though Jackie was an Oscar nominee it is not a Hollywood biography in the traditional sense. We only get to see a very brief and traumatic moment from Jackie’s life, we know nothing from before or after. There isn’t a traditional character arc nor any romantic scenes. Natalie Portman’s accent in the movie was rehearsed very well and even though it caused a lot of controversy it was obvious that she had worked very hard to become Jackie by observing real television footage of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Jackie Movie Trailer

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