John Wick: Chapter 2 Movie Review & Trailer

John Wick brought Keanu Reeves back to the silver screens as a new icon. Three years after the first movie, John Wick continues his journey in the criminal underworld from where he left off.

Stahelski entered Hollywood as a stunt performer and spent most of his career as a stunt coordinator in over 70 films, from 300 to The Matrix. It’s his second time on the director’s chair with John Wick: Chapter 2. Even though the film relies heavily on action movie clichés such as “one versus all”, Stahelski manages to execute his vision successfully as two hours passes by without a cringe.

John Wick reminds 2000s Jason Statham movies the most significant difference is the importance given to cinematography. The use of dark green and blue color palette accomplishes to create a crime filled atmosphere. It’s original storyline and unique criminal world also helps it cut some edge. The fast paced, action filled, bloody plot flows with its own momentum, keeping the audience constantly entertained with unexpected humor and authentic choreographs.

The formula is almost identical to the first movie in terms of style and combat scenes. The mayhem keeps on going as we meet new characters as well as visit some of the previous characters. John Wick gets pulled back into the criminal world as an old acquaintance asks for a sinister favor.

It is a must see for every action movie lover, one can argue that John Wick is one of the best action series of this decade.

John Wick: Chapter 2 Movie Trailer

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