Logan: Farewell to Wolverine

Comic book characters have always made a special space in our memory. Children’s from different parts of the world have been depicted themselves as the comic characters which stayed in their mind. In the famous comic series of X men wolverine is also amongst the characters that have played a pivotal role among the child psychology.

The synopsis of the movie

Hugh Jackman has been portraying the character of Wolverine in the X men series. This film shows the respect to bid farewell to the character with the actor who portrays it. Logan has been shown here as the caretaker of an ailing professor. The professor is based on the outskirts of Mexico City. But it becomes really difficult for the professor and the caretaker, Logan to hide from the rest of the world after meeting a small girl. This little girl has the resemblance of the wolverine in appearance and physique. Along with the character Logan makes it amongst the foremost duties to save the girl from the black powers. But what happens in the ultimate has to be viewed in the theaters.

A space must be provided

Superhero films are always larger than life. The way the appearance of the superhero takes place is no less than an appearance of the superhero comic characters. In the film too Mangold wants to portray Hugh with the same appearance but fails to do so. The script of the film has the chance of getting compact. The shots that have been applied to make the action sequence real can be done with ease. The special effects that have been provided in the action sequences are not fit for the plot. It feels more artistic than what somebody expects from a big budget movie.

Is it the best of the characters?

Hugh Jackman has been portraying the role of Wolverine from the very beginning of the X men series. This actor has made the character an exceptional. It’s always been Hugh and the physique that has been made lines after the series. Hugh who portrays the role of Wolverine has carried the attraction of every comic film fans by his performance. In a special way the character made a place for him among the others. From the tonal quality to the way of making a screen appearance this actor has always given his best.

James Mangold who has directed the film Logan has always keen on making a superhero film that only stars Hugh as Wolverine. The plot, situation, back story, the temperament and the climax scene are made with the presence of the character. The presence of Hugh is left on all the frames.

Logan Movie Trailer

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