The Shack: Unfolding the Truth

What is the definition truth? This is really a conundrum. But the fact is that truth has a definition. This definition has been written in the epics of the world in different ways. The translation of truth is although differs in various periods of time the technique remains the same. In the present day too it defines accordingly.

The plot of the story

Truth is subject that has been defined in various ways and in various genres of film division. The Shack defines truth of the body, the soul along with the answer that has been a need of the people. The landscape and the detailing of the characters have been made accordingly. The story revolves around Mack Philips who has been suffering from depression. This depression has been the cause of a tragedy that took place in his family. Mack has been so depressed that he wants to know the answers from the beliefs of the core of the heart.

In the meantime Mack receives a letter which he believes is the letter of the almighty and wants to meet in The Shack of a place. With doubtful mind Mack makes his journey to the place and meets a gang of people. These people are led by a woman named Papa. Do you want to know what Mack comes to know after the journey? Look for your nearest cinema halls which run the film.

The slackness

Stuart Hazeldine directs the film The Shack in such a manner that it should not hurt the belief of the common man and the beliefs of the religion. The film is the adaptation of the Best seller book with the same name. But the whole movie like the book do not competes within the time limit. Many shots are taken which necessarily makes a bore space. These types of stories run a little slower but this time the tortoise would fail to compete. The location of the filming is very good but the dialogues and the shot division do not cope up. The result is nothing but devastation. This film can be made.

Characters to look out for

If this firm is to be given a rating then it will gain maximum of two stars. Sam Worthington as Mack Phillips and also Octavia Spencer as Papa have justified their roles. Throughout the screen time none of these actors failed to provide the audience give their best. But the choosing of the other cast members is not good enough. Also the script must be made which will help in screening the film with contents.

Shack Movie Trailer

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